Enough Is Enough

  • Taylor

    awwww this is beautiful!

  • Lisa Li

    Poignant and relevant. :)

  • Robert Feria

    really like panel 4. totally had that feeling.

  • http://trivialpunk.wordpress.com/ TrivialPunk

    I created an account specifically to say how beautiful this is and how accurately it reflected the last year of my life. Cheers!

  • http://antlertail.tumblr.com/ Seth Posluns


  • Federico Iglesias


    I totally understood what that means.

  • Nightsbridge

    I went through this comic much later, and I just want to say; wow. To the whole thing. Nice.

  • Preacher

    Profoundly beautiful. First time coming here (thanks to Penny Arcade), not expecting what to find, but I am definitely reading through your archive now.