No Big Deal part 1

  • Robert Feria

    I still don’t get that adult voice that acts all confident and bullsh.

    • Amy T. Falcone

      Bitch ain’t confident, she just knows what’s up a BIT more now.

  • Peter Thomson

    I’ve given up trying to ‘figure out’ who I am. I just try to enjoy the things I do. Chin up, Kid Amy!

  • Evan Mott

    Yay! Uplifting comic for once!

  • calmcalamity

    Yaaaay! I was afraid something’d happened; when I didn’t see Cardigan Weather on the Full Pickle menu I was worried it was getting shut down.

  • Thisis Notme

    Never apologize for what you like Amy!

  • Grace Bolyard

    This series is fantastic. It’s so inspiring to see a well-rounded comic artist touch on queer themes and self-acceptance, on top of creating funny and interesting comics on other topics. There are so many queer artists out there that only write about queer subjects because their niche audience always relates to it. I was already balls-to-the-wall in love with your work before discovering your comics like these. What a pleasant surprise to find that an artist I already respected is also queer and doing such a great job of representing it in her comics. Thank you, from another artist and admiring fan, for refusing to perpetuate stereotypes just by creating honest comics and being yourself.